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ALUMNI DETAILS IF APPLICABLE - Please fill this section if you have been an alumnus of The Heritage School of either Gurugram, Rohini or Vasant Kunj branches.
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In the event of admission, I declare to adhere to the following :
* A Pupil will be allowed to attend the class only after submitting a School Leaving Certificate, Municipal Certificate of Birth (Original along with photocopy), other relevant documents, fees and other charges as per the fee schedule.
* Parents are requested to ascertain if the school bus routes/scheduled stop is convenient for their ward before making payment of fee and other charges. No request for relocation of stop and/or change, extension, diversion in bus route will be entertained.
* Admission in our school does not mean allocation of a seat in the school bus. For this a separate application form is to be filled in and permission is to be obtained.
* Bus fee is charged for eleven months.
* Bus facility shall only be up to the pickup/ drop points as shall be intimated in the bus schedule. The parent/ guardian shall be solely liable to arrange for their ward to be picked up/ dropped at the pickup/ drop location in a timely manner.
* Refund of fees and other charges, after admission is accepted will be made as per school policy.
* Caution money should be claimed within six months of leaving the school.
* I hereby undertake to deposit all school fees as per school rules and schedule. I also confirm that I have read and understood the instructions regarding fee payment given by the school.
* The fees do not include the extra costs for Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy or screening tests as required and identified by school authorities, for any intervention needs or special needs. If I choose to do this therapy outside, I would submit programs, assessments and reviews by certified professionals to the school as required.
* The school has my permission to take my ward for any outing during the school hours. A separate permission slip from me is not needed.
* I understand that as a matter of discipline for my child and his academic progress the decision of the principal is final.
* I shall abide by all the rules and regulations of the school.
* I understand that, in case of any indisposition/injury/mishap, the school shall provide first-aid to my ward and I shall be informed. In case of any emergency, my ward will be referred to the nearest hospital and I shall bear all expenses thereof.
* I will inform the school immediately in case of any changes in the details given above.
* The school offers program for children with Special Education Needs. However, it may be equipped to handle a limited number of children and only certain kinds of difficulties if identified post admission. Intervention / admission to SEN program would be based on vacancies.
* I declare that the above information is true and correct and nothing has been concealed therefrom. I understand that the admission granted to my ward by the school will be cancelled if the same is found to be misrepresented.
Note : You will be directed to a Payment Gateway for making an online payment of processing charges of 1000/-. Please be ready with your Net banking / Credit Card / Debit Card details. Do note that the student application will not be deemed complete for further action by Heritage Xperiential Learning School, Gurugram till the processing charges are paid. Please write to for any queries on admission.
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Note: Please write to for technical issues.
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2. What kind of education would you like your child to get ?  
3. How much time do you spend with your child daily? And in     what ways?  
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